John Deadly Rose Michael


1st in the open tournament in Loutraki on the individual level, involving 222 people

Participation in the Winmau - World Masters Professional, Lakeside, England

3rd Mediterranean in Athens at the individual level, involving 200 people


1st in the open tournament in Loutraki, involving 180 people

64th position in France with global world ranking, involving 570 people

2nd in the international cup - world ranking in Malta (No. 61 in the world, first participation in international cup with participation of 459 persons)

1st in the average participation of eight national teams of Malta in the Mediterranean (29.79 the arrow)


1st Cyprus ranking open, involving 248 people

1st raking open Malta

8th raking open in Austria

8th Winmau-Lakeside (qualifiers)


1st ranking Greek Open

1st ranking open Eretria

3rd Pan Finland 30,30 average the arrow

1st ranking open Cyprus involving 280 people


1st ranking open Malta, involving 530 people

8th ranking open global Holland

16th ranking WDF World Cup

3rd ranking open Cyprus


1st ranking open Greek Open, N. Makri

June 2008 ranked number 32 (WDF) in the world


1st ranking Greek Open, N. Makri

1st ranking open Cyprus

1st Mediterranean in Bolognia,Italy

1st ranking Hellinikon Open

1st ranking open Austria

July 2009 ranked number 11 (WDF) in the world


1st ranking Greek Open, padc

1st ranking Hellinikon Open

2011 1st Cyprus ranking open

1st ranking open Greek Darts Organisation

3rd ranking Romanian International Open

1st ranking open Μάλτας, 32 (WDF) in the world

2013 1st ranking Hellinikon Open
2013 1st ranking Greek Open ranked number 24 (WDF) in the world
2013 Winmanu World Masters, Last 32, £250
2013 BDO World Championship Qualifying for Lakeside Finals 2014
2014 BDO World Championship 2014, Last 40, £2000
2014 1st Cyprus ranking Open
2014 2nd ranking Hellinikon Open ranked number 30 (WDF) in the world
2014 BDO World Championship Qualifiers, Last 512
2014 Winmanu World Masters, Last 80
2014 1st ranking Greek Open
2014 3rd ranking Open Μάλτας
2015 WDF World Cup Singles, Semi Final