John Deadly Rose Michael

Most people catching the arrow for the first time, try to fly as a ball, pulling his hand behind his head and by pulling the body to add strength to the arrow. It is no wonder that we find great difficulty to hit the mark number.

The Stance
We must remember that the arrow is a very lightweight, very short distance and also very small target. The only way to be accurate to keep your body completely immobile and drop, just shaking the bottom hand and wrist. So stand still and not move. Try always the same attitude which must be completely relaxed, comfortable and balanced (weighed). The balance is very important and has a tremendous relationship with the accuracy!

The Throw
You must deploy the same action repeated for each shot. Hold the hand so as to form a right angle with the body. So that is completely in front of your eye when marked. When you find the attitude, the shoulder and the arm of your hand should remain stationary and the initiation of firing coming from the bottom of the hand and wrist.